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  • Runners : Book Two
    by Pelkey, John C.

    Shy Jon Perone is just getting by when an incident introduces him to the world
    of running. When he meets pretty Jennifer Carling, a new student in his school,
    he falls for her, hard. Overcoming his fear of everyone and everything to be in
    her life, he joins the track team and excels. Jennifer rewards his effort when
    she asks him to teach her how to run. However, a web of deceit and neglect rules
    Jennifer's life and snares Jon, ill equipped to handle both his emotions and the
    downward spiraling situation. Can Jon overcome the barriers of innocence, youth,
    and fear to succeed in life and find happiness with Jennifer? You'll have to
    read RUNNERS to find out.
    Runners : Book Two
  • Science of Desire : The Gay Gene and the Biology of Behavior
    by Hamer, Dean

    In July 1993, a scientific event made front-page news: the discovery that
    genetics plays a significant role in determining homosexuality. In The Science
    of Desire, Dean Hamer -- the scientist behind the groundbreaking study -- tells
    the inside story of how the discovery was made and what it means, not only for
    our understanding of sexuality, but for human behavior in general. In this
    accessible and remarkably clear book, Dean Hamer expands on the account of his
    history-making research to explore the scientific, social, and ethical issues
    raised by his findings. Dr. Hamer addresses such tough questions as whether it
    would be possible or ethical to test in utero for the gay gene; whether genetic
    manipulation could or should be used to alter a person's sexuality; and how a
    gay gene could have survived evolution. A compelling behind-the-scenes look at
    cutting-edge scientific inquiry, as well as a brilliant examination of the
    ramifications of genetic research, The Science of Desire is a lasting resource
    in the increasingly significant debate over the role that genetics plays in our
    Science of Desire : The Gay Gene and the Biology of Behavior
  • Wishing for the Moon
    by Dany and Dany Staff

    Alessandro Leone is a young and brilliant actor. Luca Arcadi turned his back on
    his wealthy family to become a writer. Adrian Hoeg is a famous Danish theater
    director. Marco Amedei is a nineteen year old lead actor. The lives of these
    four men intertwine amid the setting of a Venice theater. They find themselves
    drawn into in their own drama, filled with romance, deception and anguish. It's
    said the only difference between a comedy and tragedy is the ending. Will this
    simply be a comedy of errors? Or will the ending be filled with futile deaths?
    Wishing for the Moon
  • Siren's Song
    by Dragonhawk

    I once heard a song in the night that was strangely eerie and sad, yet, at the
    same had a strong sense of hope. I could only imagine the source from which the
    sound emanated. This is my rendition of what it could have been, this ghostly
    song of the night.
    Siren's Song
  • The Big Clock
    by Fearing, Kenneth

    How does a man escape from himself...? A classic masterpiece of American noir
    fiction. George Stroud is a hard-drinking, tough-talking, unscrupulous
    journalist working for tyrannical Earl Janoth's media empire. And he's involved
    with the wrong woman - his boss's mistress, Pauline Delos. One day, as Stroud
    escorts Pauline home, he spies his boss returning from a trip. The next day,
    Pauline is found dead in her apartment. Janoth knows someone saw him enter
    Pauline's apartment on the night of the murder; he knows it must have been the
    man Pauline was seeing on the side; but he doesn't know his identity. To get his
    hands on the man and pin the crime on him, Janoth assigns his best investigative
    reporter and most trusted employee to track him down: George Stroud...
    The Big Clock
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