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  • The Curse of the Spellmans
    by Lutz, Lisa

    "When Izzy Spellman, PI, is arrested for the fourth time in three months, she
    writes it off as a job hazard. She's been (obsessively) keeping surveillance on
    a suspicious next door neighbor (suspect's name: John Brown), convinced he's up
    to no good - even if her parents (the management at Spellman Investigations) are
    not." "When the (displeased) management refuses to bail Izzy out, it is Morty,
    Izzy's octogenarian lawyer, who comes to her rescue. But before he can build a
    defense, he has to know the facts. Over weak coffee and diner sandwiches, Izzy
    unveils the whole truth and nothing but the truth - as only she, a
    thirty-year-old licensed professional, can." "When not compiling Suspicious
    Behavior Reports on all her family members, staking out her neighbor, or trying
    to keep her sister, Rae, from stalking her "best friend," Inspector Henry Stone,
    Izzy has been busy attempting to apprehend the copycat vandal whose attacks on
    Mrs. Chandler's holiday lawn tableaux perfectly and eerily match a series of
    crimes from 1991-92, when Izzy and her best friend, Petra, happened to be at
    their most rebellious and delinquent. As Curse of the Spellmans unfolds, it's
    clear that Morty may be on retainer, but Izzy is still very much on the case ...
    er, cases - her own and that of every other Spellman family member." "(Re)meet
    the Spellmans, a family in which eavesdropping is a mandatory skill, locks are
    meant to be picked, past missteps are never forgotten, and blackmail is the
    preferred form of negotiation - all in the name of unconditional love."--BOOK
    The Curse of the Spellmans
  • The Third Watch
    by Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann

    Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough are two of science fiction's most
    popular authors. Together they created the world of Acorna, the unicorn girl.
    Now Acorna's children are having their own adventures. THIRD WATCH Khorii, the
    rebellious daughter of the near-mythic Acorna, has followed in her mother's
    footsteps leading their people from danger, but now she and her newly discovered
    twin sister Ariin face their most dangerous adventure yet. The deadly plague
    that ravaged the known worlds and weakened even her famous parents has launched
    its final assault, and only Khorii and Ariin have any hope of stopping it. They
    must travel through time itself to find the origins of the plague and to find a
    way to eradicate it before it mutates into an even deadlier phase, one which
    could threaten the entire universe. Praise for Acorna's Children: First Warning
    'Khorii is definitely a chip off the old horn. Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann
    Scarborough are experts at being able to draw their readers into quite a complex
    and already well-established world' SFX
    The Third Watch
  • Bobby Dazzler
    by Collins, Philip

    Second novel from the author of The Men from the Boys. Philip Collins had an
    impressive debut with the bestselling The Men from the Boys. That was a story on
    male friendship. Now with Bobby Dazzler he looks at what we make of our lives.
    The market stall and the Amateur Dramatic Society are the twin poles of Georgie
    Lees' working existence. She is the organiser of the market and the star of the
    local theatre. Her son, her mother, and sometimes her ex-husband, are the
    cornerstones of her life. Mary, her mother, one-time publican, popular
    neighbourhood performer and brilliant needlework designer, is beginning to show
    early signs of erratic behaviour; her son is struggling at school and, at ten,
    is too old to be cuddled for comfort but too young to talk to; and his father,
    the local funeral director, seems to spend more time talking to the plants in
    his allotment than to any of them. Georgie is offered what she had always
    wanted: the chance to perform professionally. But should she - could she - take
    the opportunity when her family seem to be in such need? It is the growing
    difficulties of her mother that bring a new player into her life, the comical
    but efficient, dramatic but stoic Brian. And it is death that irrevocably
    changes their lives and asks the question lying behind all their choices - how
    should those with no religious faith find meaning in life?
    Bobby Dazzler
  • The Enchanted April
    by von Arnim, Elizabeth

    The Enchanted April is the story of four unique women in England, post-World War
    I. Two of these women go on holiday to a secluded villa in Italy, both currently
    suffering from empty marriages. The women attempt to find two others to share
    expense with, and meet up with a young socialite and elderly woman, and the four
    together seek rejuvenation from the beauty of their surroundings.
    The Enchanted April
  • Napoleon
    by Gallo, Max

    Tracing the first 30 years of the Little Emperor's life, Max Gallo subtly
    introduces one of the greatest characters from European history. The text also
    dramatises Napoleon's rise as ambitious soldier, as well as his infatuation with
    the beguiling Josephine.
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