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  • The Hinterlands
    by Morgan, Robert

    First order of business for the pioneer was finding their way. After that came
    marking, then clearing, and finally paving that way. Axing wilderness inroads
    inch-by-inch, linking settlement with settlement--this was the challenge. "The
    Hinterlands" is the story of a famly who found, marked, and paved their way into
    America's eastern frontier. Unfolding the voices of three generations of
    mountaineer storytellers who specialize in keeping listeners on the edge of
    their seats, this is fiction that plunks us down right into the thick of pioneer
    The Hinterlands
  • High Infidelity
    by Fudge, Pamela

    When a brief affair in Tina Brown's past resulted in an unplanned pregnancy, the
    decision was made not to share the news with the father Calum Stacey. But months
    before Leanne's 18th birthday, she is rushed into hospital with suspected
    meningitis, and Tina feels she has no choice but to contact Calum without delay.
    High Infidelity
  • Payback
    by Curzon, Clare

    When Sandy Craddock witnesses his detested half-brother deliberately mown down
    by a hit-and-run driver outside his own place of work, he guiltily assumes that
    he himself was the intended victim. He has, he believes, made mistakes that
    could earn him real enemies.
  • Dynamo 5 Volume 2: Moments of Truth : Moments of Truth
    by Faerber, Jay

    As the Dynamo 5 team's personal lives begin to overlap with their super-hero
    adventures, some of their deadliest ememies decide to join forces, which may
    spell doom for Image's newest super-team!
    Dynamo 5 Volume 2: Moments of Truth : Moments of Truth
  • Tales of Unrest
    by Conrad, Joseph

    This classic large print title is printed in 16 point Tiresias font as
    recommended by the Royal National Institute for the Blind
    Tales of Unrest
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