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  • The Farringdons
    by Fowler, Ellen Thorneycroft

    Ellen Thorneycroft Fowler (1860-1929) was an English author. She was the
    daughter of Henry Hartley Fowler, 1st Viscount Wolverhampton and her sister
    Edith Henrietta Fowler was also a novelist. In 1903 Ellen married Alfred Felkin,
    a senior teacher at the Royal Naval School at Mottingham near Eltham. Her works
    include: Songs and Sonnets (1888), Concerning Isabel Carnaby (1899), A Double
    Thread (1899), The Farringdons (1900), Love's Argument and Other Poems (1900),
    Fuel of Fire (1902), Place and Power (1903), Kate of Kate Hall (with Alfred
    Laurence Felkin) (1904), Miss Fallowfield's Fortune (1908), The Wisdom of Folly
    (1910), Her Ladyship's Conscience (1913) and Ten Degrees Backward (1915).
    The Farringdons
  • The Day the Cowboys Quit
    by Kelton, Elmer

    In the wealthy resort town of Pandora, North Carolina, old secrets and
    heartaches are guarded as closely as rubies cut from the mountain bedrock. It is
    said that a fine ruby is both silk and stone, light and shadow, fortune and
    tragedy. And the finest ruby of all is the famous Pandora Ruby, a gem that has
    divided the Vanderveer and Raincrow families for decades and shattered the lives
    of all who have possessed it.
    The Day the Cowboys Quit
  • Sirat
    by Gardiner, David

    Within the information systems that mankind has created for quite different
    purposes, the next stage of consciousness is emerging right now. It is already
    too late to prevent it. When it does, the human era is over. We have already
    created machines that can travel faster than we can. Machines that can lift
    weights that we cannot. Machines that can perform calculations that would take
    us a hundred lifetimes. But will we be able to accept a machine that can
    understand things that we cannot? A machine to whom we shall be little more than
    domestic pets? SIRAT is an abbreviation for "Scientific Rationality". That is
    what it is. Cold reason, plain and simple. It just wants to understand. To know.
    To comprehend. If mankind should get in the way of that aim, so much the worse
    for mankind. SIRAT has no antipathy for mankind. It just wants to be a neighbor.
    A good neighbor. But can mankind content itself with second place? Deliberately
    low-key and anti-sensational, this novel attempts to take the prospect seriously
    and to imagine what it will be like for ordinary people when we have a god for a
  • Mama's Boy and Other Dark Tales
    by Friel, Fran

    Nothing good comes of the closest ties in Mama's Boy and Other Dark Tales, the
    new collection from Fran Friel and Apex Publications. Things can go especially
    awry when the tie in question is the one binding mother and son. This collection
    contains 14 tales, including the Stoker Award nominated novella "Mama's Boy."
    Mama's Boy and Other Dark Tales
  • Death on the Dunes
    by Garvey, Jim

    This is the story of a retired detective named John Clarke, who is from the
    Southern California area and retires to what he thinks is a quiet and peaceful
    spot on the shores of Northern California, only to find, one day while walking
    on the beach, the body of a young Chinese girl floating in the surf. Her
    clothing doesn't seem to match the surroundings; she has the clothing of a
    peasant from China and no form of identification and some very nasty-looking
    bruise marks on her neck. The story goes from the quiet little backwater
    community of Salmon Fork on the coast in Northern California, to the dark and
    mysterious back alleys of Hong Kong, Sandpan Alley, and Shanghai, to the
    notorious black market in drug trafficking on the Asian continent, to the slave
    trading of human beings for profit.
    Death on the Dunes
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