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  • The Sentinel of Fate
    by Drennan, Richard A.

    Major Hickock, with his newfound curse, delves deep into the underworld of
    secret government back-room coverups to find the reason for the attempt on his
    life and the accusations to his career in the military and to save the life of
    the woman he loves. All in all, just another test set in the path of the newest
    Sentinel-to-be. No Sentinel can be established without first testing his ethics
    and his morals, for the position of Sentinel sometimes requires that he has none
    and sometimes that he has more than most, and he must be able to distinguish
    between the two.
    The Sentinel of Fate
  • The Story of Mankind
    by Van Loon, Hendrik Willem

    The Story of Mankind by Hendrik Willem van Loon was the first book to be awarded
    the Newbery Medal for an outstanding contribution to children's literature.
    Written for his grandchildren, The Story of Mankind intermingles personal
    anecdotes with the history of Western civilization, covering the development of
    writing, art, and architecture, the rise of major religions, and the formation
    of the modern nation-state. Van Loon explains that he selected what to and what
    not to include by asking the question: Did the person or event in question
    perform an act without which the entire history of civilization would have been
    different? Well written, informative, and vastly entreating.
    The Story of Mankind
  • Ephesus
    by Beals, Ann Louise

    The first century Christians had to endure constant persecution, violence, and
    uncertainty. This is the story of one Christian merchant family living in
    Ephesus at the end of the first century. Micah, the merchant’s son, bought a
    slave girl to set her free but she willingly stayed with the family. But evil
    took the girl away, and Micah, close to death, went after her. Through faith in
    God this couple overcomes injury, sorrow, loss, danger, and evil.
  • The Dream Life of Sukhanov
    by Grushin, Olga

    Stepping out into the dusk of a warm Moscow evening, esteemed art critic Anatoly
    Sukhanov feels on top of the world: his career is glittering, his wife is
    beautiful and his children are clever. But the year is 1985 and the air is heavy
    with change. Sukhanov's future will be haunted by doubt. Beset by heartbreaking
    visions of a past he gave up, he questions his choices: in swapping a precarious
    life as a brilliant underground artist for comfort and security did he betray
    his dreams? And if his dreams are lost, what does he have left? One of the most
    highly acclaimed debuts of recent years, The Dream Life of Sukhanov is a work of
    demonic energy and startling imagery: a new classic.
    The Dream Life of Sukhanov
  • The Feel of Forever
    by Denison, Lyn

    To the casual observer Felicity Fliss Devon's life seems ideal. She lives on an
    island off the coast of Queensland and successfully runs the art gallery her
    artist mother began. She loves her work, her family and her good friends. And as
    for love, well, she'd been there, done that, and wasn't interested. Broken
    hearts took too long to mend. After eight years her heart is just now healed and
    she is finally getting on with her life. When her friend Marcus, tells her he's
    heard Bailey Macrae, the face of Australian current affairs television, has
    returned to the island, Fliss knows all her hard-won composure is going to be
    put to the test. All those years ago the beautiful Bailey had broken Fliss'
    heart and simply walked away. She'd chosen her career and a conventional
    lifestyle over love. If Bailey Macrae thought she was going to walk in and pick
    up where she'd left off then she could think again. Yet, a small part of Fliss
    was terrified the beautiful Bailey wouldn't be interested...
    The Feel of Forever
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