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  • Spring Creek Bride
    by Thompson, Janice

    After the lovely Spring Creek, Texas, is overtaken by saloons and disorderly
    conduct, Ida Mueller makes plans to save the town. But one look into gambling
    hall owner Mick Bradley's eyes has the plucky beauty hearing wedding bells.
    Spring Creek Bride
  • Sunrise Avenue
    by Schaefer, Kris A.

    Jared Hunter was fine with focusing his energy on work. He'd been able to work
    his way up the chain at the accounting firm, gaining the trust of the president
    of the company. He was perfectly satisfied with a life that forced the rumor
    mill to make up stories. His path crosses with Stephen, an attractive man who is
    also dating one of the ladies in his department. His neighbor Wick begins to
    question the life Jared's made for himself, in the process making a deeper
    connection with the reticent man.
    Sunrise Avenue
  • Serenity
    by Pate, F. Winston

    This new novel by F Winston Pate explores the implications of sexual
    orientation, emotional honesty and personal integrity n the development of
    loving relationships
  • The Story of an African Farm
    by Schreiner, Olive

    Lyndall, Schreiner's articulate young feminist, marks the entry of the
    controversial New Woman into nineteenth-century fiction. Raised as an orphan
    amid a makeshift family, she witnesses an intolerable world of colonial
    exploitation. Desiring a formal education, she leaves the isolated farm for
    boarding school in her early teens, only to return four years later from an
    unhappy relationship. Unable to meet the demands of her mysterious lover,
    Lyndall retires to ahouse in Bloemfontein, where, delirious with exhaustion, she
    is unknowingly tended by an English farmer disguised as her female nurse. This
    is the devoted Gregory Rose, Schreiner's daring embodiment of the sensitive New
    Man. A cause célèbre when it appeared in London, The Story of an African Farm
    transformed the shape and course of the late-Victorian novel. From the haunting
    plains of South Africa's high Karoo, Schreiner boldly addresses her society's
    greatest fears - the loss of faith, the dissolution of marriage, and women's
    social and political independence. ABOUT THE SERIES: For over 100 years Oxford
    World's Classics has made available the widest range of literature from around
    the globe. Each affordable volume reflects Oxford's commitment to scholarship,
    providing the most accurate text plus a wealth of other valuable features,
    including expert introductions by leading authorities, helpful notes to clarify
    the text, up-to-date bibliographies for further study, and much more.
    The Story of an African Farm
  • From the Heights of Eskual Herria
    by King, John M.

    On a second honeymoon in New York City, Mark and Vera Holbrook buy a beautiful
    crystal ball. Unknown to them, this object was lost in a UFO crash on January
    21, 1947 (an actual documented case). Extraterrestrials have traced this
    valuable instrument to an antique shop where the Hoosier couple found it. Prince
    Ragar and his men follow their DC9 home and prevent a midair collision by
    utilizing the Gyrostone¿s power. A subsequent meeting leads to world-shaking
    possibilities in our world and the Holbrooks¿ lives
    From the Heights of Eskual Herria
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