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  • The Case for Lilith
    by Biggs, Mark

    The legend of Lilith is undoubtedly the most fantastic of all ancient rabbinic
    myths. According to lore, God created her from dust alongside Adam. However,
    Lilith was a failed mate. She was not animated by the breath of God like Adam.
    Rather she was preemptively animated by a Satanic mist which erupted from the
    ground. Lilith rebelled against Adam and became the infamous Serpent who
    deceived Eve and caused Adam to fall. Therefore, God established eternal enmity
    between the Serpent Lilith and Eve and between their seed. Lilith's seed would
    bruise the heel of Eve's promised seed, Messiah, but Eve's seed would revive to
    crush Lilith's head. This book reveals 23 Biblical evidences that prompted
    ancient rabbis to conclude the various elements of Lilith's legend. It also
    explains how her legend is completely consistent with traditional Judaic /
    Christian teachings on the Bible's redemptive message. Her legend solves many
    ancient Biblical mysteries, such as why the Serpent bears seed like Eve.
    The Case for Lilith
  • Emma's Angel : A Dog's Story
    by Braden, Otie

    Tom finds a puppy while golfing one morning. They come together to change each
    other’s lives, finding a connection that binds them to each other.
    Circumstances force them apart and their worlds change drastically. Tom is sent
    into a war-torn country and Putter to a shelter where she is eventually adopted.
    Soon a jealous father abandons her in the wilderness and survives many
    adventures to find Cyrus Appleton, a stubborn old man who is mad at the world
    after losing his beloved wife. Their loneliness and need for companionship forms
    a bond that fills the void in both of their lives.
    Emma's Angel : A Dog's Story
  • Not in My Castle
    by Calcagno, Robert

    Tom Morgan had ambitions of becoming a United States Senator. Having graduated
    from Maryland University, law school at Harvard University was the next step to
    achieving his prestigious goal. Tom knew that admission to Harvard would be very
    completive, thus he felt that becoming a senate aide could greatly enhance his
    chances for admission. He achieved the position, but at what price? Tom
    discovers that the senior senator he works for, along with the President of the
    United States, received contributions from the top union leader of the American
    Federated Trucker's Union, effectively selling their souls to the union. As pay
    back for their contributions, they created a scheme to assist the union. A
    victim of the scheme, Eric Wagner, a competitor with the union, ultimately was
    forced to defend himself through an emotional trial. Tom Morgan innocently got
    involved in the scheme, and learned the tough game of politics, thereby causing
    him to question his future career.
    Not in My Castle
  • Thunder in Formosa: an International Thriller
    by Galt, Fritz

    Mick Pierce leads a peaceful existence posted as a CIA operative on the island
    of Taiwan. The last thing Washington policymakers suspect is a strike out of the
    blue. But signs of looming political and natural disasters mount in a steady
    drumbeat, and Mick finds himself facing a perfect storm. In a deadly
    super-typhoon, Mick is torn from his beautiful wife and separated from his
    erratic brother. He must fight his way across the island and contact the outside
    world. Can he get word out in time to stop an international calamity in the
    making? Can he stir Washington to action? Is he truly safe...because all the
    while, the enemy is following his every move. Immersed in the life of Taiwan for
    four years, Fritz Galt brings to life a vibrant people and a beautiful island
    under the constant threat of the elements and its precarious relationship with
    the mainland.
    Thunder in Formosa: an International Thriller
  • A Place of No Return
    by Powell, Mervyn G.

    Mark Freeman, a recently retired teacher, returns on holiday to Igana, a West
    African country where he once taught. But much has changed and the elected
    government has given way to a military regime. The holiday is not what Mark
    expected and his journey takes him across the country with a companion he had
    not anticipated and on an adventure he would never forget.
    A Place of No Return
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