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  • Dancing on the Mountain : A Tale of Dreams and Danger
    by Mynatt, Ginger

    Heather Caldwell's feet are ugly and she is proud of it. Long hours of dancing
    have hardened huge calluses and blackened her toenails. But has she danced
    enough to get a major role in Viva El Paso, an outdoor theater staged in the
    mountains? A dream she has had for years. Her dream becomes a nightmare when an
    unknown enemy kills her boyfriend and threatens her. She flees into the
    mountains where there is far more to worry about than her dreams.
    Dancing on the Mountain : A Tale of Dreams and Danger
  • A Cent a Story! : The Best from "Ten Detective Aces"
    by Roberts, Garyn G.

    This book reproduces ten of the best stories that appeared in Ten Detective Aces
    . The detectives that appeared during the height of Ten Detective Aces , that
    period from 1932 to 1936, were Hard-Boiled, Avengers or a mixture of the two.
    A Cent a Story! : The Best from
  • Sunset Orange Water
    by Larry, Schliessmann

    A .32 caliper pistol found at the scene with the victim's fingerprints on it.
    The medical examiner declares that the victim, Marlowe Black's pregnant
    fiancé's, death was caused by suicide.Two of his friends are seriously wounded
    shot on different days hundreds of miles apart while Marlowe stood within ten
    feet of them both.Marlowe discovers evidence of twenty-four prostitutes killed
    but not reported missing. Where they lie buried is unknown, that they are dead
    is not.The mystery shooter keeps Marlowe on the run, while he attempts to
    resolve who killed his fiancée and why. Who attempted to take out two friends;
    who sent several hit men to three different locations to end his life; who
    killed the prostitutes and where do they lay buried?All Marlowe needs to do is
    stay alive long enough to outsmart a man who easily outsmarts him repeatedly
    until the last gunshot is fired.
    Sunset Orange Water
  • Five Star Fraud
    by Cahill, Margaret G.

    Main character, Neil Landers, clashes with management over exaggerated marketing
    claims. Reluctantly Landers blows the whistle to government regulators who are
    no match for his employer's lawyers' stonewall tactics.
    Five Star Fraud
  • The Price of Innocence
    by Howard, Gil

    The PRICE OF INNOCENCE is a thought-provoking mystery thriller. It has been said
    that the sword of justice has no scabbard. Unfortunately, true justice is
    obscure. Legal systems can merely offer an opportunity for justice. No system
    designed by man can ever guarantee it. Sadly, the legal systems designed to
    protect us can be distorted and corrupted by malevolent human beings who misuse
    it not only to perpetrate the worst injustices, but also to create the illusion
    that they, the bad guys, hold the moral high ground. The PRICE OF INNOCENCE is
    the story of a prominent respectable man falsely accused of a monstrous crime by
    a group that calls itself Traction. Traction claims to be governed by a fearsome
    "green lady" who came from another universe. She allegedly possesses bizarre
    powers. Traction's purpose is to spread fear and destroy this man and others
    like him in order to annihilate the economic, legal and social system that they
    represent so that Traction can exhume wealth and power from the ashes of
    anarchy. There are a precious few willing to recognize the seriousness of their
    threat or to challenge it. Murdock McCabe, a station chief for Veritus
    Investigations International, wades into the maelstrom. He learns to his dismay
    that even innocence exacts its penalty.
    The Price of Innocence
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