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  • A Place of No Return
    by Powell, Mervyn G.

    Mark Freeman, a recently retired teacher, returns on holiday to Igana, a West
    African country where he once taught. But much has changed and the elected
    government has given way to a military regime. The holiday is not what Mark
    expected and his journey takes him across the country with a companion he had
    not anticipated and on an adventure he would never forget.
    A Place of No Return
  • The Camp Fire Girls at Camp Keewaydin
    by Frey, Hildegard G.

    All aboard! The hoarse voice of Captain MacLaren boomed out like a fog horn,
    waking a clatter of echoes among the tall cliffs on the opposite shore of the
    river, and sending the seventy-five girls on the dock all skurrying for the
    Carribou's gangplank at once. Hurry up, Hinpoha! We're getting left behind.
    Agony strained forward on the suitcase she was helping Hinpoha to carry down the
    hill and endeavored to catch up with the crowd, a proceeding which she soon
    acknowledged to be impossible, for Hinpoha, rendered breathless by the hasty
    scramble from the train, lagged farther behind with every step. I - can't - go -
    any - faster! she panted, and abruptly let go of her end of the suitcase to fan
    herself with her hand. What's the use of rushing so, anyway? she demanded
    plaintively. They won't go off without us; they can see us coming down the hill.
    It wasn't my fault that my camera got wedged under the seat and made us be the
    last ones off the train, she continued, and I'm not going to run down this hill
    and go sprawling, like I did in the elevator yesterday. Are the other girls on
    already? she asked, searching the crowd below with her eyes for a sight of the
    other Winnebagos.
    The Camp Fire Girls at Camp Keewaydin
  • Mercenaries
    by Reed, Brian

    The best-selling video game from Pandemic Studios is the next new Dynamite
    Entertainment comic book event, collected here for the very first time Get ready
    to join up with the "Mercenaries" "Mercenaries" the game has revolutionized the
    world of 3rd-person action-shooters by putting players in the middle of
    real-world combat with the kind of freedom only a mercenary has. Featuring
    covers by red-hot artist Michael Turner, a stellar script from "Mercenaries"
    writer Brian ("Ms. Marvel," "Red Sonja") Reed, and art from Dynamite up-n-comer
    Edgar Salazar, "The" "Mercenaries" trade paperback puts you into the middle of
    the Mercenaries next adventure.
  • Decision at Doona
    by McCaffrey, Anne

    Doona was a jewel of a planet - a pastoral paradise with rivers and lakes and
    mountains and seas. The Hrrubans needed it to revitalise their decadent race, to
    give them back something of the old pioneering spirit. The Terrans needed it as
    an overspill from the hysterical crowding of Earth, a place to breathe and move
    without restrictions. So they both sent a colonising party - and they both began
    to think of Doona as Home. And then one day the smooth-skinned, two-legged
    mammal known as Man came face to face with the furry, four-pawed mammal known as
    Decision at Doona
  • Warning
    by Liggins, Bill

    TEG-Comm is here, but hidden. TEG-Comm seems new, but millions have heard rumors
    about its operations for decades. TEG-Comm had never intended it, but world
    government is the result of its existence. Because of a warning from another
    star, TEG-Comm had perpetuated a Cold War hoax for 40 years in the 20th Century.
    They were behind the assassinations of several heads of state, including
    President Kennedy. They had taken advantage of UFO hysteria to cover up their
    experiments. They had done all these things in order to cover-up the greatest
    secret in history. Now, it's TEG-Comm's target year. They must be ready.
    Humanity is about to become involved with its first interstellar war. "This is
    no ordinary mystery . . .with characters one can identify with and enjoy." R. M.
    Blacketer, Scribes World Reviews " Warning ! Fasten your seatbelts. Come along
    for the ride. It will be an adventure you won't soon forget." Anne K. Edwards,
    author of "Death Comes Knocking" . eBook Reviews Weekly
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