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  • The Well-Beloved
    by Hardy, Thomas

    This volume contains all of Conan Doyle's now largely neglected poetry, here
    collected in one volume for the first time, plus a late, allegorical one-act
    play, The Journey.
    The Well-Beloved
  • Hazard of Huntress
    by Stuart, V. A.

    It is January 1855, and the Crimean War rages on. With the dreaded Crimean
    winter upon them, the allied troops may have to endure the bitter cold under
    canvas, waiting for a springtime siege of Sebastopol. Desperate to put an end to
    this stand-off, the British devise a dangerous plan, in which Phillip Hazard,
    the new commander of the steam-powered Huntress, must act as a spy. Under sealed
    orders, Hazard sails to Odessa, along with his brother Graham and his
    rough-and-ready crew from the Trojan. After smuggling himself ashore, Hazard is
    forced to rely on his duplicitous first lieutenant as his only means of escape
    from the enemy.
    Hazard of Huntress
  • Stephen King : A Biography
    by Rolls, Albert

    Now known worldwide for his horror creations in best-selling books and popular
    film adaptations, Stephen King spent years in obscurity trying to find his voice
    and his audience. For much of his career he chose to remain in the small-town
    Maine of his youth, far from glittering publishing and film centers, yet few
    American writers can now equal his hold on audiences worldwide. This biography
    traces King's evolution from would-be pulp magazine writer to master of his
    craft, whose work both epitomizes and transcends the horror genre. Primary
    source bibliography of Stephen King's novels, fiction collections, and
    nonfiction, including his work under the pseudonym Richard Bachman Exhaustive
    A-to-Z bibliography of books and articles about King and his work, including
    online resources and a list of Web sites devoted to King Photographs of King at
    different stages of his career
    Stephen King : A Biography
  • The Shipleys
    by Potter, Theodore

    Baran and Molly Shipley rescue an Indian boy who is the only survivor of a
    thwarted Indian attack on their wagon train in 1839 north Texas. The
    twelve-year-old Indian boy, Wa-Che-Bap, is nursed back to health from a bullet
    wound received in the failed battle. He becomes a son to the two good people,
    and the three of them are cast out by the rest of the wagon train because they
    have an Indian aboard. They strike out west into New Mexico territory. Finding a
    deserted ranch house of great charm, and finding they can receive this house and
    six thousand acres as a grant, Baran Shipley applies and receives it. The story
    moves down through the years, right up to 1981, and is an action-filled,
    sometime sad, sometime happy story of a family that stands by each other no
    matter what.
    The Shipleys
  • The Match
    by Gunesekera, Romesh

    As a teenager from Sri Lanka, Sunny liked to play cricket. But none of his new
    friends in Manila were remotely interested. That is until the gorgeous Tina
    arrived, all poise and perfection. Three decades on, Sunny is settled in London
    with a teenage son of his own. But despite the quiet comfort of his life, he
    feels unmoored. Trying to reconnect with his past, he goes to watch the visiting
    Sri Lankan cricket team play at the Oval. As the sun goes down at the end of the
    match he realises that love, like cricket, is more than just a game. He sees one
    last chance to get his life into focus, if only there is time.
    The Match
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