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  • Saving Grace
    by Phillips, Ryan

    As the only daughter of a successful businesswoman, Grace has grown up with
    nothing but the best. Through a chance encounter, she meets Mike, a successful
    design artist who introduces her to a relationship very different from her usual
    one-night-stands and affairs with married men.
    Saving Grace
  • Blood Truce
    by Thompson, David

    Wilderness is the exciting series that details Nathaniel King's life and
    adventures in the Rockies as he fights to carve a life out of the savage
    frontier. When a deadly dispute among rival Indian tribes explodes into a bloody
    war, Nate has to make peace between the enemies--or his young family will be the
    first to lose their scalps.
    Blood Truce
  • The Art of Spawn
    by McFarlane, Todd

    A beautiful coffee table style art book featuring art from all aspects of Todd
    McFarlane's creations. From comics to toys to animation, this book provides a
    loving insight into the artwork that drives a creative empire! The Art of Spawn
    also includes behind the scenes and never-before-seen art from Todd McFarlane,
    Greg Capullo and Ashley Wood.
    The Art of Spawn
  • The Heyday in the Blood
    by Goodwin, Geraint

    The village of Tanygraig on the Welsh-English border is the setting for this
    passionate novel of love and its consequences. Beti, the beautiful and wilful
    daughter of a pub landlord, is pursued by two men: Llew, her aggressive,
    red-haired cousin, and Evan, the dreamy miller and would-be poet. She has to
    make a choice but it's not her future alone that depends on her decision. She
    and Tanygraig are positioned precariously on borders of class, nation, language,
    and changing times. In this enduring novel by Geraint Goodwin, first published
    in 1936, Wales is associated with tradition and stability, England connotes
    modernity and movement. Beti is conscious of living at a temporal border: 'The
    old way of things was ending; she had come at the end of one age and the
    beginning of another. Wales would be the last to go but it was going...;' "It
    has filled me with a sense of seeing great talent trying its first flight, which
    I have not experienced since reading D.H Lawrence's The White Peacock." Howard
    Spring "Geraint Goodwin's novels and short stories have bequeathed to us a
    vivid, moving and unsparing picture of early twentieth century Newtown and the
    surrounding countryside." Mary Oldham "It is a mystery why a minor masterpiece
    like The Heyday of the Blood has been overlooked. Alternately comic and
    touching, this beautifully-observed and poetic chronicle of rural life deserves
    to be as widely enjoyed as the novels of H E Bates, Laurie Lee and even Thomas
    Hardy. Set on the border between Wales and England in the years of the
    Depression, The Heyday of the Blood describes the changes being wrought by
    modernisation and the reactions of the idiosyncratic inhabitants, which range
    from capitulation to resistance via drunken pranks. It is also a poignant
    romance: will the beautiful Beti choose the dreamy poet or the fiery poacher?
    And how will her father, the rambunctious keeper of the Red Lion Inn, respond?"
    Paul Duerdan "Set on the Welsh English border in the 1930's, The Heyday in the
    Blood explores issues of nationality, language and class with a humorous yet
    tragic story attached. Following the life of Beti Tudor, a pub landlord's
    daughter, this novel is a product of its time and explores issues that are still
    up for debate nowadays. The in-depth descriptions of places and situations
    create a vivid image for the reader, providing an interesting if challenging
    read."Review in Buzz magazine
    The Heyday in the Blood
  • Take Me to Heaven
    by Yamato, Nase

    Since he was young, high school student, Fumiya, possessed the ability to see
    things normal people cound not: spirits. Every time Fumiya sees ghosts, he turns
    to the son of a temple, Shougo, who lives next door and can't see the spirits...
    Always being rescued by the tall, handsome, and popular Shougo, Fumiya can't
    help developing certain feelings towards his savior. Then one day, Fumiya can't
    help developing certain feelings towards his savior. Then one day, Fumiya
    somehow finds himself dragged into his school's Occult Club. During "club
    activities," Fumiya is forced to go to ghost hot spots and panics from the
    ghost's anger. At the time, Shoujo embraces Fumiya and chants a sutra... Watch
    as ghosts and spirits work to drive these two childhood friends together!
    Take Me to Heaven
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