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  • Are You ever Going to be Thin and Other Stories
    by Siegel, Jennifer Semple

    Samantha Anne Mallory's family reunion + voices from her past, present, and
    future = her 40-something journey through time, backward and forward, her burden
    of weight-literally and metaphorically.
    Are You ever Going to be Thin and Other Stories
  • Relentless Shadows
    by Jenkins, Anthony

    Why do you insist on defying us, you young fool?” The ruthless mobsters that
    attacked his grandmother aren’t the only ones Eric Talbot’s been
    challenging. He has been butting heads with the counselors at Prescott High,
    with the principal over his problem with alcohol, and most importantly with his
    girlfriend Kaitlyn. Now, the gangsters have issued a final ultimatum, and Eric
    has no one to turn to, no one to trust. Does he choose to resist the killers
    once more, or dangerously give in to their sadistic demands? Either way, Eric
    knows he could lose.
    Relentless Shadows
  • The Cedar Canoe : What Happened to Ryan?
    by Tetlock, Kathy

    About the Book A young man is found dead from an apparent overdose/suicide. What
    happened to Ryan, the builder of a beautiful cedar canoe? His mother, Kathy,
    searches for answers to what led up to his death, shocked with the discovery
    that he used drugs such as cocaine. She searches for reasons to continue living
    without him and a way to find happiness again after such a tragedy. Also
    included are tributes to five other young people whose lives ended suddenly and
    tragically; all directly or indirectly with drug and alcohol related
    circumstances. You can read more from the author at
    The Cedar Canoe : What Happened to Ryan?
  • The Shipleys
    by Potter, Theodore

    Baran and Molly Shipley rescue an Indian boy who is the only survivor of a
    thwarted Indian attack on their wagon train in 1839 north Texas. The
    twelve-year-old Indian boy, Wa-Che-Bap, is nursed back to health from a bullet
    wound received in the failed battle. He becomes a son to the two good people,
    and the three of them are cast out by the rest of the wagon train because they
    have an Indian aboard. They strike out west into New Mexico territory. Finding a
    deserted ranch house of great charm, and finding they can receive this house and
    six thousand acres as a grant, Baran Shipley applies and receives it. The story
    moves down through the years, right up to 1981, and is an action-filled,
    sometime sad, sometime happy story of a family that stands by each other no
    matter what.
    The Shipleys
  • People of the Book : Am Ha-Sefer Torah
    by Muchnick, Marlena Tanya

    When Yesod the Orthodox Jew first gazes upon the figure of a man earnestly
    praying in a garden bower, he sees only a dusty portrait of a misbegotten soul
    from biblical times in communion with God. But the strength and intensity of the
    stranger's countenance enthralls Yesod. Then he learns the figure is that of
    Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. Despite shame and shock he recognizes a deep
    kinship with Jesus. While studying ancient Hebrew texts in his room, a holy
    visitation brings him testimony that Jesus is the Messiah of mankind. Yesod
    faces expulsion from family and synagogue. His situation is worsened when his
    fiancée also rejects his newfound belief. Torn between his commitment to the
    Jewish community, his dear family and deep love for Sophia Yesod the Jew is
    faced with overwhelming, soul searching decisions.
    People of the Book : Am Ha-Sefer Torah
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