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  • TENERIFE Tall Tales
    by Thorne MBE, Tony

    A collection of speculative tales set in and around the beautiful Canary Island
    of Tenerife
    TENERIFE Tall Tales
  • Family of Pascual Duarte
    by Anonymous

    The Family of Pascual Duarte is the story of Pascual
    Duarte#xE2;#xAC;#x1D;aSpanish peasant born into a brutal world of poverty,
    hatred, anddepravity#xE2;#xAC;#x1D;as told from his prison cell, where he awaits
    execution forthe murders he's committed throughout his lifetime. Despite his
    savageand cruel impulses, Pascual retains a childlike sense of the world anda
    groping desire to understand the blows of fate that led him down hisbloody path.
    Originally published in the same year as Camus's The Stranger#xE2;#xAC;#x1D;to
    which it has been compared#xE2;#xAC;#x1D;The Family of Pascual Duarte is closer
    in tone to the works of Curzio Malaparte and Louis-Ferdinand C#xC3;#xA9;line.
    Family of Pascual Duarte
  • Sabbat Worlds Anthology
    by Anonymous

    Dan Abnett is a multiple New York Times bestselling author and an award-winning
    comic book writer. He has written over forty novels, including the acclaimed
    Gaunt's Ghosts series and the Eisenhorn and Ravenor trilogies. His Horus Heresy
    novel Prospero Burns topped the SF charts in the UK and the US. In addition to
    writing for Black Library, Dan scripts audio dramas, movies, games, comics and
    bestselling novels for major publishers in Britain and America. He lives and
    works in Maidstone, Kent.
    Sabbat Worlds Anthology
  • Ephesus
    by Beals, Ann Louise

    The first century Christians had to endure constant persecution, violence, and
    uncertainty. This is the story of one Christian merchant family living in
    Ephesus at the end of the first century. Micah, the merchant’s son, bought a
    slave girl to set her free but she willingly stayed with the family. But evil
    took the girl away, and Micah, close to death, went after her. Through faith in
    God this couple overcomes injury, sorrow, loss, danger, and evil.
  • Chain Thinking : A Shep Harrington SmallTown Mystery
    by Light, Elliott

    Syndey Vail, once a beautiful soap opera star, now has a passion for championing
    the rights of animals?but she keeps the controversial methods of her cause as
    shrouded as she keeps her partially disfigured face. Sydney enters
    lawyer-cum-detective Shep Harrington?s life in a cloud of dust and vanishes just
    as quickly, leaving behind two very different but strangely connected things: a
    chimpanzee and a murder.The chimpanzee is the young Kikora whom Sydney liberated
    from her confining cage in a testing lab at DMI?a mega-medical conglomerate led
    by the hard-driving Howard Doring, who ?apparently believes that the human
    animal has every right to exploit all living things.? At DMI, she and other
    chimps were used to test a new anti-obesity pill. The murdered victim, killed by
    a blow to the head, is Dr. Celia Stone, the DMI researcher in charge of
    Kikora.Soon Shep realizes that Kikora, left in his initially unwilling care, is
    not only stolen property, but the eyewitness to a murder. The longer he keeps
    her, the more threatened his own freedom becomes?and the more often tough
    questions race through his head. Can an animal be an eyewitness? For that
    matter, can an animal be property? What about an animal whose only difference
    from humans is 1.6% of DNA? The questions confuse Shep, who?s never had to think
    about these issues before. And the only answers he can seem to find lie in the
    big brown eyes of a chimp called Kikora.Chain Thinking is a whodunit with a
    heart and a mystery with a message. Once the mystery is solved, there?s a whole
    lot more left to think about. Shep finds his answers. Will you find yours?
    Chain Thinking : A Shep Harrington SmallTown Mystery
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