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  • Skip Traser
    by Bedford, Rafael Jake

    This book is based on a true story with fictional characters and scenes. This
    story is about a hustler who has met his match with a young Skip Traser with
    nothing to lose. He lost the only family he had and was taking in by strangers
    who later help bring down a highly profiled crime figure who he found earlier to
    be his own father.
    Skip Traser
  • Before the Dawn
    by Shimazaki Toson

    An historical novel portrays the fall of the Tokugawa shogunate and the changes
    in Japanese life after the arrival of Commodore Perry.
    Before the Dawn
  • Sharks and Killers
    by Phillips, Amber

    Houston Mackenzie, a shark expert in Monterey, comes upon an old article from
    1938 about a shark captured off the Santa Cruz coast. That article, and a death
    bed confession by his grandmother, pulls him into a mystery full of murder,
    betrayal and guilt. Leaping between 2006 and the hard boiled times of the
    1930's, Sharks and Killers follows 'Mack' and his sister Janie as they try and
    solve a Depression era murder that destroyed their family for decades with three
    simple words: "Find Dan McCullough."
    Sharks and Killers
  • Concerto to the Memory of an Angel
    by Schmitt, Eric-Emmanuel

    In this vivid collection, Schmitt writes about regret and redemption, about the
    roles of love and memory in our lives, all with a lightness and compassion that
    is as rare as it is inspiring.
    Concerto to the Memory of an Angel
  • The Albanian Affairs
    by Fortes, Susana

    During Enver Hoxha's totalitarian rule following World War Two, Albania became
    the most isolated and paranoid European state. Two brothers -- sons of a war
    hero and domineering official -- come to embody the only possibilities for life
    under these conditions: capitulation or resistance. Viktor becomes a willing
    soldier and brings home a beautiful girl, Helena, as his wife. Ismail, shunned
    by his father and by nature a poet, is emotionally blinded from the mysterious
    death of his mother when he was 4. As an irresistible attraction develops
    between Helena and Ismail, they are compelled to uncover the long-hidden tragedy
    to which they are all heirs.
    The Albanian Affairs
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