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  • Chicken in a Cage
    by West, Anna

    Chicken in a Cage is the second book of a trilogy set in Southeast Asia and
    China. The first book, Truth Gone Missing, introduced Laney and Cade, two
    seasoned travellers, whose vacation in Malaysia turned out to be a journey
    through a maze of theft, poaching, kidnapping, and murder. A year after their
    return to California, Laney and Cade set out again -- this time to Borneo.
    Because the trip is not to be a long one, they treat themselves to a stay at the
    luxurious Iban Longhouse Resort, where they intend to relax by a river in the
    midst of a tropical rain forest. Their peace is soon violently disrupted by
    murder, attack by pirates, and kidnapping -- all the result of a crime-web woven
    by self-serving officials and tribal members, corrupt developers and
    conservationists, alienated travellers and refugees, discontented employees and
    dysfunctional family members -- each a suspect, and each a Chicken in a Cage .
    Chicken in a Cage
  • The Cardinal of the Kremlin
    by Clancy, Tom

    Two men possess vital information on Russia's Star Wars missile defensesystem.
    One of them is CARDINAL -- America's highest agent in the Kremlin -- and
    he'sabout to be terminated by the KGB. The other one is the American who can
    save CARDINAL and lead the world to thebrink of peace . . . or war. Here is
    author Tom Clancy's heart-stopping masterpiece -- a riveting novel about oneof
    the most intriguing issues of our time.
    The Cardinal of the Kremlin
  • Big Fish : A Novel of Mythic Proportions
    by Wallace, Daniel

    ** A MAJOR TIM BURTON FILM starring Ewan Mcgregor and Jessica Lange ** ** COMING
    SOON AS A MUSICAL starring Kelsey Grammer ** Do you ever really know your
    father? Like many sons, William Bloom never really knew his father. Edward told
    him stories too incredible to believe about his exploits as a younger man, but
    any attempt to find out serious truths have been met with laughter and
    brush-offs. And that never mattered. But now Edward is dying, suddenly it
    matters a great deal. So William sets out to tell his father's story, as he
    imagines it. He tames a giant, is dragged by an enormous fish through a lake and
    escapes a purgatory of lost dreams. Through legends and myths, William makes
    Edward into a true Big Fish. The much beloved book by Daniel Wallace is soon to
    be a Christmas musical at The Other Palace in London. Praise for Big Fish :
    'Both comic and poignant ' New York Times 'An audacious , highly original debut
    novel. . . An imaginative, and moving, record of a son's love for a charming,
    unknowable father' Kirkus Reviews ' Refreshing , original. . . Wallace mixes the
    mundane and the mythical. His chapters have the transformative quality of fable
    and fairy tale ' Publishers Weekly , starred review
    Big Fish : A Novel of Mythic Proportions
  • After River
    by Milner, Donna

    Before River, everything was perfect. . . .Growing up on a Canadian dairy farm
    less than two miles from the American border, fifteen-year-old Natalie Ward
    knows little of the outside world. But her loving, close-knit family is the envy
    of young and old alike in the nearby town of Atwood. Natalie adores her three
    brothers--especially Boyer, the eldest, whom she idolizes. But everything
    changes one hot July afternoon in 1966 when a long-haired stranger appears at
    their door--a soft-spoken American, a Vietnam War resister, who will test the
    family's morals and beliefs, and set in motion catastrophic events that will
    shatter Natalie's relationships with those she most dearly loves.
    After River
  • Tsubasa
    by Anonymous

    CLAMP is a group of four women who have become one of the most popular manga
    artists in the world - Satsuki Igarashi, Mick Nekoi, Mokona Apapa and Nanase
    Ohkawa. They started out as doujnishi (fan comics) creators, but their skill and
    craft brought them to the attention of publishers very quickly. Their first work
    from a major publisher was RG Veda , but their first mass success was with Magic
    Knight Rayearth . From there, they went on to write many series, including
    Cardcaptor Sakura and Chobits , two of the most popular manga available. Like
    many Japanese manga artists, they prefer to avoid the spotlight, and little is
    known about them personally. CLAMP is also the author of Tsubasa , another title
    brought to you by Tanoshimi.
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