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  • Cinderella and Other Stories from the Blue Fairy Book
    by Anonymous

    A Buddhist life is lived with peace, joy and contentment: each day is a step
    along the path to true enlightenment. To live by these values every day takes
    patience, skill and knowledge, but it is hugely rewarding. This book can show
    you how learn to do so in just 20 minutes. 20 Minutes to Master Buddhism covers
    the history of the Buddha, the core ideas behind his teachings, from the
    importance of meditation to the value of life, as well as a range of techniques
    and practices to allow you to live through the teachings every day. You'll learn
    about: Meditation and purity of the mind Past lives and their significance The
    importance of mantras and visualisation The value of ritual and devotion.
    Previously published as Principles of Buddhism, this ebook brings together
    classic text from an expert in the field with a new chapter, placed at the end
    of the book, which condenses all the ideas and techniques into a digestible
    20-minute read. 20 Minutes to Master Buddhism will show you how to live with joy
    and purpose every day. This is part of the 20 Minutes to Master series, five
    indispensable guides that show you how to transform your life in simple and
    effective ways. Other titles in the series include 20 Minutes to Master Stress
    Management, 20 Minutes to Master Meditation, 20 Minutes to Master Your Psychic
    Potential and 20 Minutes to Master Wicca.
    Cinderella and Other Stories from the Blue Fairy Book
  • Danger! Cross Currents : An Alix Nicholson Mystery
    by Gilligan, Sharon

    In this exciting sequel to Danger in High Places, freelance photographer Alix
    Nicholson is drawn into a complex web.
    Danger! Cross Currents : An Alix Nicholson Mystery
  • Kare Kano Vols. 1-3 : His and Her Circumstances
    by Anonymous

    Tsubasa's never had much luck with guys-the ones she likes never feel the same
    way about her. When Kazuma drifts out of her life and focuses on his music
    career, Tsubasa's heart is broken yet again. Is this tender teen even capable of
    being loved? Does a rising pop star have room in his heart for love and music?
    For these lovelorn siblings, the answers lie in song.
    Kare Kano Vols. 1-3 : His and Her Circumstances
  • Zion
    by Miller, Melissa

    Journalist Steve Hessler knows nothing about horses or horse racing, so it's a
    surprise when he's asked to write a story on a small-town track. Steve arrives
    at Zion, a near-forgotten racetrack in rural Oklahoma, and walks into a world of
    dreams and nightmares where nothing is as it seems and the universe follows its
    own rules.
  • Tyrant : King of the Bosporus
    by Cameron, Christian

    Christian Cameron's TYRANT series has now sold over 150,000 copies and reprints
    regularly.Historical fiction is enjoying a sales renaissance, with authors like
    Conn Iggulden and C.J.Sansom topping the charts.The turbulent aftermath of
    Alexander the Great's world conquest is one of the most intriguing and exciting
    periods in ancient history - and one of the least exploited.The series has
    received good reviews:'Cameron's gift is for spinning out a rich setting through
    his obvious devotion to, Cameron's ability to conjure up what
    Homer called "the battle haze" might make the ancient bard proud' BOSTON GLOBE &
    MAIL'A sweeping, deeply moving epic that takes the reader into the heart of a
    different time and culture' HISTORICAL NOVELS REVIEW'Engrossing...a sword-slash
    above the rest of its ilk' IRISH EXAMINERVisit the TYRANT website at his unforgettable characters, uncanny feel for the
    realities of ancient warfare and dazzling grasp of history, Christian Cameron is
    one of the most talented authors in the genre.
    Tyrant : King of the Bosporus
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