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  • Her Father's Daughter
    by Stratton-Porter, Gene

    HER FATHER'S DAUGHTER (1921) by Gene Stratton Porter is the story of Linda
    Strong, the titular heroine, a determined and opinionated young woman growing up
    in California in the 1920s. What could have been a typically charming and
    heartfelt story of personal discovery, loves and relationships by the beloved
    naturalist author is unfortunately marred by the strongly pronounced racist and
    anti-immigrant mindset of the heroine and several other characters. It must be
    pointed out that the racial prejudice portrayed here is typical of its time and
    must be viewed in a socio-historical context. Nevertheless, it is something the
    modern reader will find offensive. Despite the controversial nature of the
    material, the novel is an interesting, albeit disturbing study, both for
    students of the period and fans of the author.
    Her Father's Daughter
  • Sonja : Growing up on the Prairie
    by Saiter, Norma J.

    Take a trip back to 1938, to the "olden" days, with Sonja. Discover what it was
    like to attend school with students from first to eighth grade in one room with
    one teacher. Learn about living on the eastern Colorado plains miles from other
    people without electricity or running water. Sense Sojna's fear as she dodges
    rattlesnakes. Feel her love for the abandoned lamb she raises. Laugh with her as
    Daddy squirts milk into her mouth while he's milking a cow. Share her concern as
    she helps Daddy rescue a freezing calf. Picture her wonder when Grandpa takes
    her to an old-fashioned general store. Feel her frosty nose when they go to the
    icehouse. Predict the trouble she's in when she "drives" the pickup into a
    fence. Marvel in the stories Grandma tells her about growing up in Sweden and
    her fear when Daddy tells her about getting shot at by thieves. Enjoy the
    changing of seasons as Sonja celebrates an old-fashioned Christmas, fears a
    raging blizzard, and welcomes the greening of the prairie in spring. Imagine
    Sonja's feelings as she looks forward to having fun during summer vacation and
    then have it destroyed when her best friend gives her bad news.
    Sonja : Growing up on the Prairie
  • The King's Jackal
    by Davis, Richard Harding

    The private terrace of the Hotel Grand Bretagne, at Tangier, was shaded by a
    great awning of red and green and yellow, and strewn with colored mats, and
    plants in pots, and wicker chairs. It reached out from the Kings apartments into
    the Garden of Palms, and was hidden by them on two sides, and showed from the
    third the blue waters of the Mediterranean and the great shadow of Gibraltar in
    the distance. The Sultan of Morocco had given orders from Fez that the King of
    Messina, in spite of his incognito, should be treated during his stay in Tangier
    with the conside-ration due to his rank, so one-half of the Hotel Grand Bretagne
    had been set aside for him and his suite, and two soldiers of the Bashaw's Guard
    sat outside of his door with drawn swords. They were answerable with their heads
    for the life and safety of the Sultan's guest, and as they could speak no
    language but their own, they made a visit to his Majesty more a matter of
    adventure than of etiquette.
    The King's Jackal
  • Rebirth
    by Woo

    An ambitious and powerful account of modern Irish history through the eyes of
    those who experienced it at first hand. Forty years after the Provisional IRA
    was formed and British troops arrived in Ireland, Peter Robinson and Martin
    McGuinness sit together as leaders of a devolved Northern Irish government, in
    which Sinn Fin and the Democratic Unionists share power. The Troubles appear to
    be over; the future promises to be quite different from the past. But recent
    events perhaps suggest otherwise, as old tensions rise to the forefront once
    more. Through countless interviews with the people from both sides that lived
    through, participated in and were victims of the Troubles, the author builds a
    picture of the attitudes and the beliefs that shaped three decades of Ireland's
    history. There are those whose lives have been shattered, those who have tried
    to ignore the realities, those who have attempted to bridge the divide, those
    who do not accept the peace, and some who refuse to look back at all. What
    emerges is a balanced and wide-ranging account that explores the struggle
    between ideology and compassion, how the battles and politics of centuries ago
    still define people's attitudes towards their neighbours today, and how
    political injustice and the course of time can make a complex reality seem like
    simple history.
  • Lady Connie
    by Ward, Humphry

    Mary Augusta Ward (nee Arnold; June 11, 1851 - March 26, 1920), was a British
    novelist who wrote under her married name as Mrs Humphry Ward.
    Lady Connie
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