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  • The Midnight Tree : A Fairy Tale of Terror
    by Higham, Charles

    In this terrifying supernatural thriller Mary, a normal American child, is
    kidnapped on a visit to Ireland. Not by humans, but by the spirits of the
    forest. A changeling is sent in her place to destroy all those who interfere
    with nature. In order to get Mary back, her parents must burn the changeling ...
    The Midnight Tree : A Fairy Tale of Terror
  • Fogtown : A Novel
    by Plate, Peter

    Praise for Peter Plate: "His San Francisco is a fiery hell, where the devil
    rides in a squad car, and God doesn't deign to put in an appearance."-San
    Francisco Chronicle "Plate is to San Francisco what Hubert Selby, Jr. is to New
    York: a gritty, honest speaker for the grimy masses and their everyday struggle
    to not just survive but triumph."-Willamette Week (Portland, OR) Pete Plate's
    newest novel is his best yet. One foggy day in San Francisco brings together
    bloody ghosts, a dandyish thug, capricious cops, a suicidal punk rocker, a
    hyper--literate slumlord and a sweet old lady sent by God to hand out cash from
    a hijacked armored car. In Fogtown, Plate uses a loving hand to carve his
    characters out of hallucination, perversity and tenacity. Plate's noir
    sensibility gives him special fluency with the weary souls of urban America's
    down and out. Fogtown describes an age unmistakeably built on the 20th century
    of Nelson Algren and Charles Bukowski. Peter Plate taught himself to write
    fiction during eight years spent squatting in abandoned buildings. He is the
    author of seven previous novels, including One Foot Off the Gutter (1995),
    Snitch Factory (1997), Police and Thieves (1999) and Angels of Catastrophe
    (2001), all published by Seven Stories Press. Plate lives in San Francisco,
    where, at spoken word concerts or readings, he has been known to speak his
    novels from memory.
    Fogtown : A Novel
  • Revelations
    by David, Mobberley

    Death is a ghost That haunts mankind; It enters the body, Releases the soul.
    Speaking of mankind's struggle for immortality in the face of an inexorable
    fate, these apocalyptic verses take us from individual death to the end of the
    world - via a biblical antichrist figure, Mr X, or through man's own scientific
    legacy. They force the reader to ask the question: will man's quest to live for
    ever, one way or another, erase humanity itself?
  • Ronin
    by Miller, Frank, Miller, Frank

    Frank Miller began his career in comics in the late 1970s and rose to fame while
    drawing and then writing Daredevil for Marvel Comics. He was also the creative
    force behind Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Batman: Year One, and Batman: The
    Dark Knight Strikes Again . His works have not only redefined classic
    characters, but also revitalized the comics industry on a few occasions. His
    multi-award-winning graphic novel 300 was brought to full-blooded life in the
    2007 movie of the same name. His creator-owned crime saga Sin City first hit the
    page in 1991, and then the silver screen in 2005, with Miller on board as
    co-director with Robert Rodriguez. The two returned to direct the sequel Sin
    City: A Dame to Kill For , released in 2014 and featuring two new stories by
    Miller. In 2015, Miller returned to his bestselling series with the highly
    anticipated Dark Knight III: Master Race .
  • Sunjata : Warrior King of Mali
    by Fontes, Ron

    Sunjata : Warrior King of Mali
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