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  • Rule of Evidence
    by Hemry, John G.

    John G. Hemry's thrilling military science fiction series continues, as
    Lieutenant Paul Sinclair faces a terrible choice--see justice done, or protect
    those he cares for . . .  At the very edge of South Asian Alliance territory,
    the USS Michaelson is conducting maneuvers alongside her sister ship, the USS
    Maury , in a show of military strength. The Michaelson's legal officer,
    Lieutenant Paul Sinclair is pleased at the chance to see Lieutenant Jen Shen,
    who is serving aboard the Maury as an engineer. The operation is going by the
    numbers--until the Maury is wracked by devastating explosions and its
    engineering section is destroyed. Jen, as the sole survivor in Engineering, is
    suspected of negligence--or worse, sabotage--and faces court-martial. Now Paul
    must find out what really caused the explosions. But the more he learns, the
    more he faces the terrible possibility that the woman he loves may be guilty of
    sabotage and murder...
    Rule of Evidence
  • If He Don't Kill Me
    by Freeman, Krystal

    On her 21st birthday La La meets the man of her dreams. After falling in love
    and moving in with him, her dream life quickly turns into a nightmare as she
    realizes that thereas more to him than meets the eye. Had she moved too quickly
    with him? The answer to that question would soon come. What price will she have
    to pay to free herself from the biggest mistake of her life?
    If He Don't Kill Me
  • Kare Kano Vols. 1-3 : His and Her Circumstances
    by Anonymous

    Tsubasa's never had much luck with guys-the ones she likes never feel the same
    way about her. When Kazuma drifts out of her life and focuses on his music
    career, Tsubasa's heart is broken yet again. Is this tender teen even capable of
    being loved? Does a rising pop star have room in his heart for love and music?
    For these lovelorn siblings, the answers lie in song.
    Kare Kano Vols. 1-3 : His and Her Circumstances
  • Medical Adventures : Inspired by a True Story
    by De Cleene, Justin

    Medical Adventures is a fiction story that includes incidents similar to a
    series of events that happened to Justin in January of 2008. This is when he was
    diagnosed with Glomerulonephritis, a kidney disease caused by a strep virus. In
    the book, the Quincy's son, David, goes through many of the same events that
    Justin went through when he had the disease. But just as David is getting
    better, his brother Richard gets diagnosed with a disease as well. Will the
    family be able to handle both of their kids' illnesses? For more information go
    Medical Adventures : Inspired by a True Story
  • Jemare
    by Barnes, Edward (QECTH)

    Edward (QECTH) Barnes was born on the west side of Chicago but then moved to the
    South side when he was eleven years old. He was the youngest of eight children.
    Edward loved going to church and singing in the church choir. He played
    basketball and football. During his senior year in his high school English class
    he started writing stories, where he found he gained much pleasure. Edward now
    resides in southern California.
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