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  • Seas of Venus
    by Drake, David

    On Venus, where survivors of the human race struggle to live in domed undersea
    Keeps, two determined soldiers--Ensign Brainard and Johnnie Gordon brave the
    treacherous web of intrigue in the Keeps and the perilous surface jungles to
    ensure the survival of all humankind, in an omnibus volume that con
    Seas of Venus
  • Anthem
    by Rand, Ayn

    Anthem is a dystopian science fiction novella by Ayn Rand. Mankind has entered a
    new dark age as a result of the evils of irrationality and collectivism and the
    weaknesses of socialistic thinking and economics. Individuality and ambition
    have become sins. Technological advancement is now carefully planned (when it is
    allowed to occur at all). Here is the story of one man willing to risk
    everything to rebel against a society that refuses to believe in the power or
    rights of the individual.
  • Travels in the Scriptorium
    by Auster, Paul

    Each day an old man awakes with no memory, unsure of whether or not he is locked
    into the room. A middle-aged woman called Annaenters & talks of pills &
    treatment, but also of love & promises. Who is this Mr Blank, & what is his
    Travels in the Scriptorium
  • From a Vine
    by Cushing, Michelle

    "From a Vine" is a passionate story about finding ones muse and following its
    call. Witty, inspiring, and romantic, the work takes readers on a journey as
    aromatic as a garden, filled with flowers and plants that give the story an air
    of life and beauty.
    From a Vine
  • Tricked
    by Robinson, Alex

    Alex Robinson has written and illustrated several graphic novels, including Too
    Cool to Be Forgotten , Box Office Poison , Tricked , and Our Expanding Universe
    . He and his work have won several industry awards, including the prestigious
    Eisner Award and prize for best debut in Angouleme, France. Space considerations
    prevent us from listing the awards Robinson has lost, unfortunately. He lives in
    New York City with his wife and their pets, and hopes to have another book out
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