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  • Husi : A Clouded Future Is Still Translucent
    by Lo, Y. Jenny

    Allowing Change To Pass Through As a child, Husi witnesses the horrible death of
    her beloved family. Her world is shattered and gone, leaving her with nothing
    but her name. Destiny, however guides her to be adopted into a new family, and
    with their love and help, Husi manages to rise above all the circumstances.
    Transformed from a scared and traumatized little girl to a beautiful and strong
    young woman, Husi learns how to forgive and to love. Though the years Husi finds
    and loses love, and experiences life in a different world. Torn between two
    worlds, she must decide between a distant world and one right before her eyes;
    one that promises new life, new hope and new love. Here is the exciting story of
    one woman's triumphant yet bittersweet journey of the heart. Before she can move
    on, Husi must allow change to pass through, for a clouded future is still
    Husi : A Clouded Future Is Still Translucent
  • The Verbal Squatter
    by Underwood, Trevor

    A new collection of short stories from South African author Trevor Underwood.
    Some poignant, some funny, some downright annoying - none boring.
    The Verbal Squatter
  • The Seed of Abba... the Seed of the Woman
    by Bekele, Vivian S.

    The Seed of Abba...The Seed of the Woman is a saga, a "love story that
    illustrates the love that God has for His creation - even when His creation is
    disobedient." God tests mankind to see if He could receive voluntary obedience
    by introducting the serpent into the Garden of Eden. Jesus was sent to Earth to
    reinstate man onto the path that "culminates into the voluntary love relations."
    Thus, it is important that the only begotten Son born in the spirit realm
    manifests as the only begotten Son born in the natural realm in order to rectify
    the schism. During the process of weaving this saga, the book provides other
    details and insights into the nature of the Divine Being - God as well as His
    The Seed of Abba... the Seed of the Woman
  • He Who Lifts the Skies
    by Barnett-Gramckow, Kacy

    Powerful imagery creates a 'you are there' immersion in the story of the
    post-Flood world. Kacy Barnett-Gramckow fans raved about her extraordinary job
    of moving the Flood off the Sunday School flannelgraph board and into life in
    the Heavens Before. Now, she continues to flesh out the Bible's brief account of
    the rise of Nimrod and the Babel rebellion with scintillating characters and a
    wealth of imaginative detail.
    He Who Lifts the Skies
  • Blackberry Crumble : A Culinary Mystery
    by Kilpack, Josi S.

    Josi is the author of twenty-five novels--including the twelve-book Sadie
    Hoffmiller Culinary Mystery series--one cookbook, and has been part of several
    coauthored projects and anthologies. She is a two time Whitney award-winner
    (Sheep's Clothing in 2007 and Wedding Cake in 2014) and the Utah Best in State
    winner for fiction in 2012. She and her husband, Lee, are the parents of four
    children and live in Utah.
    Blackberry Crumble : A Culinary Mystery
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