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  • Lavender in Laguna : An Art Mystery
    by Baron, Hyacinthe

    Welcome to the ride of a lifetime! Join the Barons and you too can play art
    detectives to solve another art mystery. Another innovative and brilliant Art
    Mystery: 90% Memoir, 10% fiction and 100% Great Story! Original Book Cover Art
    by Hyacinthe Kuller Baron. An artist's pallete evokes hues and clues to solve
    the Art Mystery with a twist! The Barons can take their revenge as they search
    for God and religion in the resort art community of Laguna Beach, CA, the scene
    of art festivals and bizarre cult murders. Does a mysterious plant that grows
    only every 13 years in Hawaii hold the secret to the murders of an old woman and
    a beautiful model? What is the role of an Evangelical priest and a powerful cult
    leader? Like a hologram this multi-layered mystery will astound! Website:
    Lavender in Laguna : An Art Mystery
  • Ordinary Orchards : The Secret Revealed
    by Larson, Gail

    Gail Larson is an accomplished storyteller and word artist. She captures the
    hearts and emotions of her readers with her true-to-life stories painted from
    personal experience. The mission of Larson Ministries, Inc. is Making God’s
    Word Real for You.” Larson’s stories and spiritual seminars support this
    mission and motivate, strengthen and encourage a daily renewal of faith for all.
    Ordinary Orchards : The Secret Revealed
  • Wild Adapter
    by Kazuya, Minekura

    In the wrong place at the wrong time, Kubota is pulled in for questioning by the
    police. Meanwhile, Tokito is left in the dark, homeless and incommunicasdo, with
    no choice but to try and uncover what happened to his friend.
    Wild Adapter
  • The Twins and the Coming of the New World Camara's Calling
    by Green, Nehanda

    The Prophecy says the Twins, a male and a female, will come to bring balance and
    peace to the world. In the 29th Century, Camara the female twin, is born and is
    given guidance and protection.The evil scientists know her purpose and identity
    and are sending their trackers to find her and bring her in for interrogation.
    Racing from their home to the Council's headquarters, Camara and her group stay
    one step ahead of the trackers. Camara must win, but to save the world she has
    to find her mate.
    The Twins and the Coming of the New World Camara's Calling
  • Virginia Gold : A Perilous Journey for an Impossible Dream
    by Thomas, William

    Virginia Gold is based on the true story of a young Welsh lad who lived the
    American Dream of rags to riches in colonial Jamestown, then found the true
    value of his wealth through love, suffering and grace.
    Virginia Gold : A Perilous Journey for an Impossible Dream
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