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  • Kangaroo
    by Lawrence, D. H.

    Writer Richard Somers and his wife Harriet leave exhausted post-war Europe in
    the hope of rebuilding their marriage in a new and freer world. In Australia, in
    an idyllic cottage by the sea, they believe they have finally realised their
    dream - until they meet and become involved with Kangaroo, the influential and
    charismatic leader of a secret fascist army called the Diggers. Much of the
    writing in this novel is based on Lawrence's experiences in Australia. One of
    Lawrence's great novels. A beautiful blend of political outburst and Australian
    life and landscape. Chapter 10, The Nightmare, describes his war-time
    confrontations with authority in Cornwall and his humiliating examination for
    service. The novel's protagonist, like Lawrence, was rejected as "unfit".
    Kangaroo is one of the best travel books ever written, with "unforgettable vivid
    and accurate pictures of the Australian continent, in which no other English
    writer has approached Lawrence." - The Bookseller "...a portrait of D. H.
    Lawrence and Frieda during their stay in Australia, a segment of his life and
    work without which the whole man cannot be seen in full proportion." - The
  • Border Crossings
    by Fleming, David L.

    During the infamous raid on Columbus, New Mexico, in 1916, Antonio Salazar, one
    of Pancho Villa's bandit chiefs, kidnaps Mary Wells, daughter of New Mexico
    rancher Frank MacPherson. MacPherson's longtime foreman, James Hampton,
    determines to go deep into Mexico to rescue the girl he remembers as Little
    Mary. Hamp's old friend, Bud Tyler, goes with him, as does MacPherson's nephew,
    the greenhorn Reuben Satterwhite. For Hamp and Tyler, the mission is reminiscent
    of adventures shared years before as Texas Rangers, when both were young and
    strong and felt immortal. For Satterwhite, it is adventure and apprenticeship.
    Once into Mexico, all three men must cross psychological frontiers as well as
    geographic borders. Mary, meanwhile, has borders of her own to cross. In clean,
    straightforward prose, the action alternates between Mary and her rescuers, and
    David Fleming draws the reader into a threatening web where ultimately survival
    is not the most important thing. In this, his second novel, Fleming demonstrates
    the creativity and historical responsibility required to turn history into
    spellbinding fiction.
    Border Crossings
  • Night of the Prowler
    by Lee, Stan

    'Night of the Prowler' contains Spider-Man's earliest adventures. Written by
    Stan Lee and featuring artwork by some of Marvel's most famous artists, this
    timeless collection is a must for all spider fans!
    Night of the Prowler
  • Persuading Annie
    by Nathan, Melissa

    'It was a perpetual estrangement' Persuasion, Jane Austen Meet Annie Markham.
    Gentle, sweet and kind. Except for her dark side. A dark side called Jake Mead.
    Seven years ago he'd been her entire world, even though her godmother had tried
    to persuade her to dump him. But when the going got tough, Annie's 'tough' got
    going. Jake's hasty departure from her life proved that a) godmothers are
    cleverer than they look and b) the only thing reliable about men is that they're
    totally unreliable. Now Jake is back in her life. And he's the one man who may
    just save her family's ailing company. But what Annie doesn't know is that Jake
    has an Achilles' heel. An Achilles' heel called Annie Markham. He's never quite
    got over her treatment of him all those years ago. This is the perfect
    opportunity for what some may call 'closure'. But what Jake calls, 'revenge'.
    Praise for Melissa Nathan 'Hugely enjoyable' Heat 'This is one to gobble up in a
    single sitting' Company 'A witty novel about love' B Fiction pound;6.99
    Persuading Annie
  • Facing It
    by Angel, Valerie

    Loosely based on the Global Challenge yacht race, Facing It is a fictional
    account of personal development, conflict and adventure. Roger is a courageous,
    inspirational sailing hero who sells adventures as package tours. It’s a
    very competitive market and by 2018 he’s struggling to find punters
    wanting to sail ‘the wrong way round’ the world in his yacht. A
    recent tragic disease has led to many people undergoing face transplants and,
    convinced that Southern Ocean rapture will soothe them, Roger decides to select
    a crew from amongst them. Building a solid and reliable team from a group of
    disparate strangers is difficult enough; it’s going to be even harder
    with the likes of Myra, who lost an eye in a drunken brawl, Kasmira, rescued
    after being trafficked, and Alan, a reluctant counsellor who will also help to
    skipper the boat. Between the endurance and the delights of a long sea voyage
    the crew’s individual traumas will subside and they will inevitably but
    reluctantly reassess themselves, especially given the degree of splendid
    isolation. Their new-found self confidence and mutual trust will be qualities
    that Roger may well come to depend on, when it’s their turn to help
    Facing It
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