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  • Marvel Masters : The Art of Jim Lee
    by Lee, Jim

    Jim Lee is one of the comic industry's most popular artists. His explosive art
    style has captured the imagination of millions. This volume collects some of
    this prolific artist's best tales, charting his career with the House of Ideas
    from his neophyte days on Alpha Fight, through to Punisher War Journal, all the
    way to his extremely popular and revolutionary run on Uncanny X-Men and X-Men.
    Marvel Masters : The Art of Jim Lee
  • The Devil of Harbor City
    by Wild Cat Books Staff

    THE DEVIL OF HARBOR CITY by John L. French... Hard-Boiled Crime Noir!... It was
    a different time... A time when mob rule had replaced the law, a time when
    justice could be bought and sold, a time when the city was governed from the
    shadows... It was also a time when one man could make a difference. A man of
    courage and determination, a man willing to do whatever it took in order to make
    things right... Frank Devlin could save the city, but at what cost? His life –
    or his soul?
    The Devil of Harbor City
  • Return of the Moron Bk. 2 : The Moron Chronicles
    by Preston, Mike

    Not your average "Recovery Story," The Moron Chronicles follows a year in the
    life of a "reality challenged" alcoholic determined to live life on his own
    terms and let the chips fall where they may.Twisted and harshly comedic (just
    like real life), this is the story of what happens when ignorance and arrogance
    meet and give birth.You've seen these guys on the street before and wondered
    where they came from. Well, this book should answer all your questions. And if
    you happen to recognize a bit of yourself in therebe afraid. Be very afraid.
    Return of the Moron Bk. 2 : The Moron Chronicles
  • 100 Jolts : Shockingly Short Stories
    by Arnzen, Michael A.

    "Horror is the genre of the jolt, the shock, the spark. The horror story's
    conflict is always a matter of life and death, but death...almost always comes
    too soon?that's why we fear it." Michael A. ArnzenAnd now readers have a new
    reason to be afraid. One hundred new reasons!
    100 Jolts : Shockingly Short Stories
  • High Infidelity
    by Fudge, Pamela

    When a brief affair in Tina Brown's past resulted in an unplanned pregnancy, the
    decision was made not to share the news with the father Calum Stacey. But months
    before Leanne's 18th birthday, she is rushed into hospital with suspected
    meningitis, and Tina feels she has no choice but to contact Calum without delay.
    High Infidelity
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