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  • A Hire Love
    by Dow, Candice

    In Candice Dow's witty, romantic new novel, a woman whose young husband dies
    unexpectedly comes up with the perfect plan to find a new man, and learns that
    writing her own happy ending comes with a few surprises. . . Fatima Mayo had it
    all--a gorgeous, loving husb∧a creative job as a romance edit∨and a
    fabulous home in New York City. But when her husband died suddenly of a heart
    attack, her life lost its luster. Now after three years of widowhood, she's
    decided to plunge back into the dating pool. But dating services are enough to
    put any woman off men forever. Her friend Mya jokingly suggests that Fatima will
    only find the perfect guy if she writes a script and hires an actor to play the
    role, and suddenly Fatima has the perfect idea. She will write a script--and
    Mya, a casting director, will find the ideal leading man. Good-looking,
    intelligent, and talented, Rashad Watkins's acting career is going nowhere. The
    money Fatima offers is good--but he realizes immediately that the companionship
    the sexy young widow offers is even better. What he feels for Fatima is the real
    thing. But now he has to prove he's not just acting. . .
    A Hire Love
  • The War at Troy
    by Barry B. Powell

    THE WAR AT TROY: A TRUE HISTORY. Tells the story of the entire saga based on
    ancient sources with a humorous tongue-in-cheek tone. Fascinating and a great
    source for what the ancients actually said about the course of this most famous
    The War at Troy
  • The Arrival of Autumn in Constantinople
    by Romero, Roberto Luis

    Born in CA3rdoba, Argentina in 1949, Norberto Luis Romero, author of several
    books of magical and fantastic tales, has lived in Madrid, Spain since 1975. His
    stories, translated by H.E. Francis, have been highly acclaimed and he is one of
    the most noted of contemporary authors in Spain. In 1999 he won the Antonio
    Machado Prize for Short Stories (Premio de narraciones breves).
    The Arrival of Autumn in Constantinople
  • Champdoce Mystery
    by Gaboriau, Émile

    Emile Gaboriau (1833-1873) is an important figure in the history of detective
    fiction. A French journalist and novelist, he created the "roman policier" with
    a series of books involving private detective Monsieur Lecoq, who works
    logically. Lecoq was based on a real-life thief turned policeman named Francois
    Vidocq (1775-1857), whose memoirs mixed fiction and fact. Gaboriau's huge
    following was eclipsed by Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes. Interestingly,
    Holmes may have been at least partly based on another of Gaboriau's characters,
    consulting detective Father Tabaret, whose methods Monsieur Lecoq adopts in the
    first Lecoq book.
    Champdoce Mystery
  • Fire at the End of the Rainbow
    by Vandor, Shawn

    Shawn Vandor was born in Los Angeles, grew up in Portland, Oregon, moved to New
    York City, and has spent his entire adult life moving back and forth between
    these three cities. He has worked as a teacher and a professional songwriter,
    has written several screenplays, and recorded two pop/rock albums, Awesome and
    Paradise . He is currently living in Portland, where he is working on a memoir
    about being the product of donor insemination. FIRE AT THE END OF THE RAINBOW is
    his first book.
    Fire at the End of the Rainbow
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