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  • Crest of Eagles
    by Howe, Jocelyn

    A war rages in Rhodesia, a vital struggle for dominance in the Southern African
    country. The sacred queen of a seven centuries earlier, who started a new
    religion for her people to follow, comes alive again as a modern day reporter
    gets involved in the past of the Dark Continent. A suspenseful book that will
    put you on the edge of your seats and keep you thinking long after the last
    Crest of Eagles
  • Hammer Spade and the Ring of Fire
    by Alston, E. B.

    On their wedding day Xerxes, King of ancient Persia, gave a gold ring with
    mysterious qualities to his new Jewish Queen, Esther. It has been stolen from
    the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. Hammer Spade is hired to recover
    Hammer Spade and the Ring of Fire
  • Out of Body Detective
    by Willett, Herman

    Out of Body Detective is based upon and a continuation of my novel, 'œThe
    Execution of Innocence'. The techniques that the hero of 'œThe Execution of
    Innocence' uses to free him self from death row and locate and bring to
    justice the true criminals are used in Out of Body Detective to help law
    enforcement officers locate and bring to justice more criminals as well as
    vindicate others that are wrongfully sentenced to via inaccurate or evidence or
    set free due to loopholes or legal tricks. The Out of Body Detective also goes
    after corrupt police and lawyers to help bring better justice to the legal
    system. All is done using ancient spiritual techniques or in some cases elements
    of Quantum Physics.
    Out of Body Detective
  • A Dooryard Full of Flowers
    by Miller, Isabel

    A short-story collection from the author of one of the most cherished lesbian
    novels of all time, this contains the continuation of Isabel Miller's classic
    Patience and Sarah.
    A Dooryard Full of Flowers
  • Camera
    by Liffner, Eva-Marie

    A photographer dies leaving all his belongings, amongst them many notes and
    photographs, to his niece. Intrigued by her inheritance Johanna Hall decides to
    investigate the secrets of her uncle's early life. Travelling to London, where
    her uncle had lived and trained in his youth, she uncovers a macabre history
    laced with scandal. In 1905 Madame Blavatsky holds Theosophist seances in
    London. Amongst the attendees is churchman Charles Leadbeater. Johanna discovers
    that Leadbeater used his position to take in young children and murder them, the
    fascination being to capture on film the souls of the children departing their
    dying bodies. Photographs of the seances and the children are taken by Herbert
    Burrows, to whom Johanna's uncle was apprenticed at the time. The story is told
    both by Johanna in her present day research and then by her uncle who, as a
    young man, gives his version of the story. Part crime novel and part historical
    fiction, Camera reflects upon the role of photography to record memories and
    document truth as Johanna's revelations unfold.
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