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  • Forever Promised
    by Bullock, Shirley

    Nurse Geri Lanham wished to be anywhere but assisting the doctor in removing her
    favorite patient from life support. Something goes terribly wrong and she wakes
    up in the year 1888! Contending with time travel was bad enough, but one onery,
    albiet handsome sheriff, wants to put a noose around her slender neck, accusing
    her of murder! Sheriff Andrew Robinson's ordered world was always black and
    white. Gray areas were not to be tolerated, until he makes a slender green eyed
    beauty his prisoner. Searching for the way back to her time, Geri and Andrew
    learn that once a promise is made it can transcend time to be FOREVER PROMISED.
    Forever Promised
  • Reviving a Rose : Chantelle's Journey
    by Loveday, Sally Ann

    Chantelle is 'damaged goods' according to the man who hurt her. Chantell then
    gets a commision to renovate a cottage, in a sleepy little village. She doesn't
    know that she will meet another man, who will heal her soul and show her how to
    trust and love again. Learning to trust and love again, she also meets a few
    more unique people who help her to realise that life is worth living and so her
    journey begins. But Chantelle doesn't know that the man who hurt her will again
    feature in her life. Will she survive, or fall again?
    Reviving a Rose : Chantelle's Journey
  • Cocksuck Academy : An Erotic Novel
    by Milne, Luc

    Presenting itself to the outside world as the,Common Sense Academy, a private
    college for young,men, the CSA is known to the gay world as the,Cocksuck
    Academy, an institution devoted to the,higher arts and sciences of oral sex. The
    story,follows the exploits of two roommates, Junior Cock,Pack Storm and Junior
    Sucker Alex Soldino, through,their first year of pleasure and torment as
    they,undergo the rituals of the school. Vividly,realised, this erotic tale of
    life at a dream,school of advanced sexual training is so,stimulating you'll want
    to write for a prospectus.
    Cocksuck Academy : An Erotic Novel
  • Early Stories
    by Sholokhov, Mikhail

    Mikhail Sholokhov, Member of the Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R., Lenin and
    Nobel Prize winner. Author of: Tales from the DonAnd Quiet Flows the DonVirgin
    Soil UpturnedThey Thought for Their CountryThe Fact of a ManThis book contains
    six of the stories with which Mikhail Sholokhov, who was later to write the
    world-famous And Quiet Flows the Don and Virgin Soil Upturned, began his writing
    career. They are based on the events of the Civil War and Sholokhov's own
    fighting experience. The stories " Alien Blood, " " The Bastard, " and " The
    Herdsman" have been adapted for the screen.
    Early Stories
  • Mrs. October Was Here
    by Dowell, Coleman

    The quintessential American town ('Oh beautiful for specious skies / For ambient
    waves of pain...'), Mrs. Septimus October, a lady of vast wealth whose hobby is
    revolution descends with her mysterious entourage to stage her great
    experiment--one aimed at ridding the world of hatred by focusing it on one
    single individual and destroying him. Her strange cadre of agents grows amid
    surprising, even sinister circumstances. Her bright and terrible revolution,
    however, takes a turn she had not anticipated, and the novel reveals itself as a
    ferocious, many-leveled fable.
    Mrs. October Was Here
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